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6 Influenza Vaccine Common myths

Karen Rowan, MyHealthNewsDaily Handling Editor

Day: 28 August 2012 Period: 03: 32 PM AINSI QUE

Flu period is just around the corner, and that typically stretches through the early spring. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending that everybody older than six months time get their flu shot. During the 2011-2012 influenza season, 128 million persons in the U. S., or perhaps 42 percent of the human population, received a flu taken, according to the CDC. That's nearby the 43 percent that were vaccinated the previous yr. CDC officials estimated influenza vaccinations recently prevented a few million instances of influenza, and forty five, 000 hospitalizations. But misguided beliefs and false information about the flu happen to be circulating just like viruses. Allow me to share the facts regarding the influenza vaccine. Myth: You can get the flu, or possibly a mild circumstance of it, from the flu shot. The flu virus vaccine injections contains no live virus, simply viral aminoacids, said Doctor Dennis Cunningham, an contagious disease expert at Countrywide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. " It's impossible to find the flu, and it is impossible to spread the flu, " from the injections, Cunningham stated. After the injection, some people may experience pain in the provide near the injections site, or perhaps develop a low fever — this is a reaction to the vaccine, not a true influenza disease, not even a gentle one, this individual said. " People with this reaction can go to function, that is not the truth with the influenza. With a great influenza contamination, you're toned on your backside, you're fatigued, hot and hurt, " he explained. The influenza vaccine that may be delivered like a nasal spray, rather than because injection, does contain live viruses, require viruses had been weakened, and they also also are not able to cause the flu, according to the CDC. Misconception: The influenza vaccine might not be safe pertaining to pregnant women or perhaps babies. The flu shot is safe for pregnant women, and for babies older than 6 months, Cunningham said. Actually the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (the leading group...

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