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26 Feb 2009

A World of Poor Selections

The exciting story The Catcher in the Rye by M. D. Salinger expresses the free can of choice. Salinger cleverly conveys how decisions can alter a person's perspective with their peer. Holden Caulfield, the protagonist, is actually a young teenager who has emotional instability and behavioral concerns. Holden serves immaturely extensively throughout the book. Holden invents a world where adulthood is a emblem of superficiality and " phoniness”, while he chooses to share childhood as being a world of innocence. Holden's remark of him self being the catcher inside the rye is highly symbolic. When ever Holden states he desires to walk away beyond the cliff and catch the kids playing inside the rye, it is usually seen as him exceeding the queue of puberty and becoming a new adult. There are a multitude of situations that portray Holden's years as a child as a great unvarying plateau. Holden's interrogative Carl Radiazione luminosa as if we were holding back in Whooton School, the symbolism in the ducks inside the lagoon as well as the Museum of Natural Record, and the contradicting message in the carousel scene, paradigms of his continuous immaturity happen to be shrewdly described by Salinger. Holden conveys his immaturity primarily along with his appointment with his old school companion, Carl Riverbero. Holden and Carl choose to go to high school graduation together and Holden remembers Carl because the man who recognized everything and anything there is to life. Holden insisted upon asking Carl questions as though they relived high school. Carl becomes extremely disappointed in Holden due to his not enough maturity. J. D. Salinger displays Holden's immaturity when he portrays him asking Carl " How's your sex life” (144). Carl's response to Holden was "... only sit back and relax, to get Chrissake” (Salinger 144). Holden's persistence exacerbates his situations with Carl. Carl coldly asks Holden " when are you ever before going to increase up? ” (Salinger 144). Holden did not have an acceptable answer for any...

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