Exploring Transitions by Figure in Tom Brennan Quick Family

 Exploring Transitions by Character in Mary Brennan Quick Family Essay

ExploringВ TransitionsВ byВ CharacterВ inВ TomВ BrennanВ

BrennanВ FamilyВ (Immediate)В


TransitionВ beingВ ExploredВ

Quotation/pageВ no. /analysisВ ofВ

languageВ orВ techniqueВ

TomВ BrennanВ

LivingВ withВ grandmotherВ inВ newВ townВ

ofВ CoghillВ afterВ leavingВ Mumbilli. В

В­strugglesВ withВ houseВ rulesВ andВ

expectationsВ suchВ asВ sayingВ graceВ

andВ sharingВ grandmother'sВ


В­imagesВ ofВ saintsВ andВ prayersВ atВ

Gran'sВ houseВ

В­goingВ toВ MassВ (Pp156В­8)В

‘ButВ weВ weren'tВ home. В WeВ wereВ here. В

HereВ inВ myВ grandmother'sВ В dark, В stuffyВ

diningВ room, В herВ galleryВ ofВ saintsВ watchingВ

us'. В P5В

‘... allВ ofВ meВ wasВ stuck, В stuckВ inВ aВ placeВ IВ

didn'tВ wantВ toВ beВ­butВ thatВ madeВ meВ thinkВ ofВ

Daniel... heВ wouldВ giveВ anythingВ toВ beВ here, В

evenВ atВ Gran's'. В P6В­7В

‘... inВ my ‘new'В room. В IВ namedВ it'В theВ cave'В becauseВ itВ wasВ soВ brownВ andВ dark'. P13. В

Gran'sВ houseВ wasВ empty. В TheВ lightsВ wereВ

offВ andВ theВ curtainsВ drawn. В ItВ wasВ creepyНѕВ

ourВ placeВ inВ MumbilliВ wasВ noisyВ andВ open. В


GranВ wasВ stinkingВ outВ theВ kitchenВ cookingВ

lamb'sВ fryВ again. В ThereВ wasВ noВ wayВ thatВ IВ

wouldВ everВ eatВ thatВ stuff. В AВ fewВ bowlsВ ofВ

cerealВ wasВ goingВ toВ beВ dinnerВ forВ theВ

fourthВ nightВ inВ aВ row. В NotВ thatВ IВ minded. В IВ

wasn'tВ hungryВ andВ nothingВ tastedВ goodВ

anyways. В PВ 62В

AttendingВ newВ school, В StВ Benedict'sВ

CatholicВ College, В CoghillВ (Bennies)В

‘I'mВ hereВ too. В I'mВ stuckВ inВ thisВ shitВ­holeВ

as well. 'В P36В

IВ understoodВ whereВ sheВ (Kylie)В wasВ

comingВ from. В It'sВ likeВ don'tВ askВ meВ now. В

Don'tВ askВ meВ toВ toВ letВ goВ ofВ myВ breathВ

becauseВ IВ don'tВ haveВ theВ energyВ toВ cleanВ

upВ theВ mess. В It'sВ justВ easierВ toВ keepВ

holdingВ it. 'В P30В

В­NewВ FootballВ teamВ includingВ newВ

" So I accepted his challenge and

coach, В newВ playersВ andВ theВ wayВ theyВ turned this up" changes of feelings play. В В

towards the team and their style of

play- having a great time rather than successful.

pg- 210

Not confident around Chrissy ­ ​

quoteВ В

ConfidentВ aroundВ ChrissyВ

StartВ ofВ ConfidenceВ­В WhenВ

Chrissy said ​

" You know, we should

do this every Tues night, ” I felt

even better than good. pg 203


DevelopingВ newВ friendshipsВ (CM)В

" RoryВ cameВ overВ thatВ weekend. В ItВ

wasВ theВ firstВ timeВ aВ BenniВ

RoryВ goesВ overВ toВ Tom'sВ house. В FirstВ

Bennie'sВ boyВ over. В pgВ 234В (CM)В

LivingВ asВ aВ wholeВ familyВ В­В havingВ aВ

familyВ memberВ inВ prisonВ (CM)В

AcceptingВ lifeВ asВ itВ is, В embracingВ theВ

journeyВ В

Tom: " Gran says we've got to leave

each of our ghosts in back of. ” -- making the

transition pg 242

Evidence of Transition by Tom. " The St .

John's video game was a slope, just another

hill to rise in my quest; then your life

would plateau for a while. That

seemed to be just how it performed. I'd

complete Saturday and life might

go on" pg 238

NotВ knowingВ whoВ heВ was, В toВ

eventuallyВ becomingВ whoВ heВ reallyВ

is. В В

" But now I knew what I missed the

many. I skipped me, Jeff Brennan,

and that's why now I can smile,

'cause I could notice that he was

heading back. Pg 261

" ThatВ wasВ theВ morningВ TomВ

BrennanВ cameВ backВ forever. ”В

AtВ theВ beginningВ ofВ theВ bookВ itВ isВ

revealedВ thatВ TomВ sufferedВ fromВ

depressionВ fromВ theВ crash, В asВ timeВ

movedВ onВ heВ noВ longerВ feltВ theВ needВ

toВ blameВ himselfВ forВ whatВ hadВ

happenedВ­В transitionВ fromВ sufferingВ

fromВ depressionВ toВ overcomingВ

depressionВ В

LovedВ playingВ football, В toВ notВ

knowingВ ifВ heВ wantedВ toВ playВ footballВ

everВ againВ В (CM)В

" ​

IВ hadn'tВ decidedВ ifВ IВ wasВ playingВ rugbyВ thisВ

year…IВ hadn'tВ decidedВ ifВ IВ wasВ playingВ

everВ again. В IВ didn'tВ knowВ ifВ IВ couldВ withoutВ

myВ brother. В ThingsВ justВ weren'tВ thatВ simpleВ

any longer. ” (p. В 10)В


" IВ couldn'tВ believeВ Dad'sВ enthusiasm. В HeВ

hadВ toВ beВ puttingВ itВ on. ” pgВ 114В­В talkingВ

aboutВ theВ footyВ team. В В

" HereВ inВ Coghill, В itВ wouldВ beВ somethingВ toВ

fillВ inВ theВ timeВ В­В theВ endless, В endlessВ

time”ogВ 114В

" EveryoneВ wasВ goingВ onВ andВ onВ aboutВ

theirВ selectionsВ, В butВ IВ couldn'tВ shareВ theirВ...

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