Chemistry College Examination

 Chemistry University Exam Essay

п»їChem 28 Difficulty Set 1

Date credited: August twenty six, Tuesday twelve: 00 am

General Recommendations:

- Place answers in you long reigned over pad newspaper.

-- Show every necessary calculations and proper conversion of units. Final answers must be in right significant characters - Package all last answers

1 . ) In a precipitation response, 150. 0 mL of 0. two hundred N NaOH was added too 50. 0 mL light weight aluminum nitrate strategy to precipitate all of the Al3+. a. ) Precisely what is the normality of Al(NO3)3?

b. ) What is the molarity of the solution in 1?

c. ) What should be the worth of and for Al3+? What need to be the value of n for OH-? Explain your answers briefly.

2 . ) Determine the NaOH titer to get phosphoric acid solution if the phosphoric acid option is at 0. 1 N.

3. ) A 0. 6334-g test of contaminated mercury(II) oxide was dissolved in an unmeasured excess of potassium iodide. Reaction: HgO(s) + 4I- & HВ­2O пѓ [HgI4]2- & 2OH- Compute the percentage of HgO in the sample in the event that titration with the liberated hydroxide required forty two. 59 milliliters of 0. 1178 M HCl.

4. ) The active ingredient in Antabuse, a drug intended for the treatment of long-term alcoholism, is usually tetraethylthiuram disulfide

The sulfur in a zero. 4329-g test of an Antabuse preparation was oxidized to SO2, that was absorbed in H2O2 to provide H2SO4. The amount of acid was titrated with twenty-two. 13 cubic centimeters of 0. 03736 M base. Compute the percentage of active ingredient in the preparation.

your five. ) The phosphorus within a 0. 1969-gram sample was precipitated because the slightly sencillo (NH4)3PO4В·12MoO3. This kind of precipitate was filtered, laundered, and then redissolved in acid solution. Treatment of the resulting remedy with too much Pb2+ ended in the formation of 0. 2554 g of PbMoO4. Communicate the results of this evaluation in terms of percent P2O5.

six. ) A 6. 881 -g test containing magnesium chloride and sodium chloride was dissolved in enough water to provide 500 mL of answer. Analysis intended for the chloride content of the 50. 0-mL aliquot led to the formation of 0. 5923 g of AgCl. The magnesium in a second 40. 0-mL differential was...

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