Paper in English Dialect Center

 Paper on English Dialect Center


I file that this record entitle ‘Company's Analysis Report' is the benefits of my research excepts as reported in the recommendations. The report has not been approved for any degree and is not really concurrently published in exigence of some other degree.

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Term: Muhammad Najib Bin Noh @ Seth

Date: first July 2013


I possess examined this report and verify that it meets the program and Universiti requirements for Master of Business Operations.

Date: 02/07/2013Signature: …………………………………….

Supervisor's Name: Doctor Cordelia Builder

Official Stamp:

1 . Intro about Education in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the education system is central under the Ministry of Education, which is responsible for managing the course curriculum and the evaluation system. Major education in Malaysia covers a total length of six years, at the end of which pupils are assessed. However , irrespective of their particular performance in the assessment test at the end of primary schooling all students are marketed to the foundation year of secondary education. Secondary education is divided into three key levels: reduced secondary, higher secondary, and pre-university.

After completing the next year of lower extra education, pupils are required to have a national analysis test, the lower secondary examination. Performance with this test establishes academic loading to the top secondary level, deciding whether a student is positioned in the research, arts, technological, or vocational stream. Selecting students and academic internet streaming to the higher secondary level is determined by the Ministry of Education. By the end of the two year period in upper secondary education, students happen to be assessed with a compulsory national examination, the Malaysian Qualification of Assessment. The pre-university education system is labeled into two groups, the A-Level as well as the matriculation examine programs. Intended for the A-Level study system, academic buffering is in disciplines or scientific research and technical. Students must take the Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia Evaluation, which is structured by the Malaysian Examination Authorities. The matriculation study plan is prepared for records to local universities. It is just a one year academics foundation program that the web host universities screen, while instructing is accomplished at the respective residential/private educational institutions. Students who excel inside their examinations at the end of the system are accepted to the web host universities.

2 . The Objective Organization Project

The objective of this business task is to detect company's complications plus all their causes and apply management tools in identifying industry’s problems. It is also to set away a comprehensive analysis from the point of view of management, marketing, procedure and financial of the firm.

Finally, this organization project is a guide to get CELESS British Center to plan the marketing strategies, increase customer and increase their revenue. The strategy will use many different methods to obtain these goals.

My business project examines a beauty items manufacturing company-

My goals are the following-

В¬Conduct a Strategic audit from the company.

В¬From the strategic audit diagnose company's difficulties and their causes.

В¬Conduct an extensive analysis through the perspective of strategic managing, marketing, procedure and fund.

В¬Formulate new thinking and problem remedy

3. Firm Overview

University of Cambridge ESOL Exams preparation courses and certified examination centre (Supplier School). They get the license to use the center employing University of...

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