Detailed Lesson Prepare in Technology

 Detailed Lessons Plan in Science Essay

Detailed Lessons Plan in Science

by simply: Mary Rose B. Alvaro


A. To identify and evaluate the definition of photosynthesis

M. to highlight the process of the natural photosynthesis

C. To inculcate and appreciate the theory of photosynthesis in the existence of human being existence.

II- Subject Matter


Elements: Visual Aid

III- PROCEDURE: 4a's method

Teachers activityStudents Activity

A. Activity (approach)

Good morning generously stand up

And let us pray…. In the name of the father… Soit

Checking of attendance…

(introduction, posting the mandatory

visible aids around the board)

wherever do we have one food pertaining to our

daily consumption?

Jamaica? We get each of our supply of foodstuff from plants..

Very great Jamaica..

Whenever we depend on plant life for the food,

what about the plants? How can they acquire

their own food?

What about you Eloisa? Plants help to make their own foodstuff through

the process of photosynthesis…

veru great Eloisa…

that is our lesson for today


B. (Activity) ANALYSIS

How do we define the word photosynthesis?

Pleasure? Photosynthesis- is a process of foodstuff making

for vegetation.

Thank you.

Photosynthesis- comes from the 2

traditional words; " photo” that means light

and " synthesis” meaning assembling.

So photosynthesis means

" piecing together with light”

According to the meaning of photosynthesis,

Let me divide you into 3 groups all the

group will examine the process of the natural photosynthesis.

(5 minutes, preparation along with which,

you will have a business presentation of your studies.

You can move outside of the bedroom and observe the plants.

(Group activity)

(After 5 minutes)

Lets start the business presentation for group one; (every group will present their particular works)

Jake? Group one;

These are each of our findings, and analysis of photosynthesis; Plants need normal water,

nutrients and the sun rays to make

their own foodstuff.


So , for the moment let us examine your answers:

From the definition of photosynthesis:

" Putting together with light”

Your answers; plants need water; nutrients

that they can absorb through the soil, and combinig

carbon dioxide gas that is found in the air…

Aside from that, plant life need strength which

they comes from the sunlight- energy from the

sunlight(solar energy) employed ) and oxygen.

The by-product of photosynthesis is referred to as glucose

or the sweets.

We have talked about the process of meals making;

C-(assessment) APPLICATION

At the same time of foodstuff making, so what do you think is a

most important aspect in photosynthesis?

anne? For me, the sunlight, the energy contained in the sun (solar energy) and why? What makes it the sunlight energy that comes from

the sun is the central?

Joy? Mainly because, solar energy is liable for the plant life in order to bcreate or make carbon dioxide and water that when chemically merged it will lead to glucose or perhaps sugar, by the product of photosynthesis. Extremely good delight!!..

So why happen to be most leaves broad and flat?

What do you believe is the reason in back of?

Ely? They are broad and flat mainly because, leaves are in charge of for capturing sunlight and absorb carbon. The wider the surface the more light it is going to capture.

Incredibly good Ely..!!

D. Assessment (Application)

Within our daily living, how exactly does photosynthesis

affects human lifestyle?

Bela? Photosynthesis is much crucial not only for plants but in addition for human. Mainly because another side product of the natural photosynthesis is o2 which is essential to man existence.

Extremely good bela. Another idea? It is very much important because if plant life would will no longer manufactured their own food,...

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