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US Background

The Civil Conflict

The City War was obviously a fight between Southern says and the North states. This began in 1861 and ended in 1865. The northerners referred to this kind of war as the conflict to preserve the Union mainly because that became the main target of the City War. Captivity was one of the causes of the war, in the end Lincoln's goal started to be preserving the union.

When Eli Whitney made the Silk cotton Gin in 1783, natural cotton then became very lucrative. Many farmers that acquired plantations although were not at the moment in the organic cotton business had been then convinced to expand cotton instead of what they were growing previously thus causing a very high with regard to slaves. However , unlike the southern claims agricultural centered economy, the northern says economy was based on sector, and to develop a strong advanced society many people coming from all different classes and nationalities had to work together.

The south thought that Abraham Lincoln compared with slavery and favored the northern says more than the the southern part of states. Consequently , seven declares were trying to secede from your union ahead of Abraham Lincoln even became president. The southern says believed which the 10th Modification in the Costs of Legal rights entitled them to have the right to secession. Abraham Lincoln believed it to be wrong pertaining to the claims to try and secede, naturally Abraham Lincoln and congress declared war on the southern declares.

The Civil Battle began in 1861 about April twelfth. The initial shots with the war had been fired by Fort Sumter. After this episode, Abraham Lincoln subsequently called for seventy five, 000 volunteers to serve in the army for ninety days. Lincoln planned to get the northerners to focus on conserving the union to avoid producing the war about captivity. Slave claims in the union had to pick a side for that reason; they all chose to stand together with the south.

The goals of the the southern part of states were to be their own independent nation also to continue to continue with slavery unchanged. That they made a massive profit from captivity;...

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