The Godfather Examination

 The Godfather Analysis Essay



The Godfather shows Vito as the paradigmatic Mafia add. He is wise and clever, an excellent target audience of others' intentions, and a smooth, subtle talker, capable to convince with words, not simply bullets. Although a questionable, violent felony, Vito is also a nice, loving daddy and hubby. In his old age, Vito results in as relaxed and lively, even mellow. He has lived a rich, complete life and earned a quiet old age. Vito is definitely both the excellent father and the perfect Godfather, making him a difficult unit for all of his children, especially Michael, to imitate Head of family members:

The antagonist is definitely Don Barzinni and the additional Three Families in their wish to introduce medication trade. The hit on Vito Corleone results in the war between the Corleone Along with the additional four who they take upon, four against one. Micheal(Dynamic Character):

Michael is usually cold-blooded, ruthless, smart, and determined. His ability to focus under fireplace, to be important, and to command respect makes him an excellent Godfather. Of Vito's kids, he is certainly the best prospect to take over the family. Although Michael was never supposed to get involved in the Mafia. Having been supposed to be a senator, maybe even president. Even when he really does begin employed by his dad, he doesn't seem fully reconciled towards the decision. He promises Kay before they will marry the fact that family will become " legitimate” soon. Idea – As well as Revenge

Friends and family –Vito Corleone, the patriarch of the most powerful crime friends and family in Nyc, amassed his entire fortune in the interest of providing and guarding his family. Family is provided as one of the most critical ideas in the film, it is family above everyone else. An example is the moment Vito requires Johnny " Do you spend more time with your family? Good. Because a person that doesn't go out with his friends and family can never be a real man”. Also, the moment Fredo attempts to sides with the casino's owner Moe Greene after Moe refuses Michael's offer to " acquire him out” Michael tells Fredo " you're my personal older brother, and i also love you. But may ever have sides with anyone up against the Family again”. Personal business Vs . Business - Can be described as strong, persistent theme in the film. The statement " It's organization, not personal” is one of the the majority of repeated lines throughout the video. The characters strive to associated with distinction, which usually oftentimes gets lost in hot weather of feeling and gang warfare. For instance , Sonny Corleone nearly manages to lose it when his dad is shot, almost forgetting the difference among business and personal matters, placing your order brutish problems on every brain of the leftover families. Michael jordan gains placement as the top of the Corleon family and sticks to organization. Symbol—Door

Doorways –They independent one space from another, and they divide the home between the male website business world plus the female realm of relatives. Whenever the boys had organization to discuss, that they close the door and close the women out. It represents a change between the normal world plus the mafia community, the door becoming the separation tool. MoodВ

– The colour of the film is important since it sets the mood from the movie. Inside the scenes where Vito is within his office as the Don, there may be less mild which gives this a darker dangerous feel. The best scene in the film is the wedding at the beginning. Between the dazzling costumes, which give it a bright and joyful feeling. But the rest of the film leans towards a dark and suspends feeling. Plot


Vito Corleone is the aging don (head) of the Corleone Mafia Friends and family. His youngest son Michael jordan has came back home via WWII to get present on the wedding of Connie Corleone (Michael's sister) to Carlo Rizzi. Medicine dealer Virgil Sollozzo is seeking Mafia Families to offer him protection in return for a profit of the drug trafficking money. This individual approaches Don Corleone with 30 percent of the profit В but the Add is morally against the trafficking of drugs and turns over the offer. That is not please Sollozzo В he...

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