Welfare Dissertation



The title with the project is definitely " A REPORT ON WORK WELFARE IN KOLENCHERY GREENVALLY FIVE STAR AQUA MINERALS processing company ltd. Welfare means fairing or perhaps doing well. this can be a comprehensive term and identifies the physical mental and emotional well doing of your individual further the term. Welfare is a comparative concept relative in time and space. It really is there pertaining to various occasionally form region and coming from country to country. The institute of labour wellbeing organization defines " Time welfare as being a term which is understood to add such assistance facilities and amenities as may be founded in or perhaps in the vicinity of executing to enable anyone employees in them to conduct their operate healthy, good-natured surrounding and to provide them amenities conductive to health and high morale.


The main goals of the examine are to understand the work welfare programs adopted simply by Greenvally laurel minerals control company ltd. for its staff. The present study was likewise undertaken with following subsidiary objective. 1 . To determine the level of recognition among the employees about welfare measures and the level of satisfaction as regards each and every welfare features. 2 . To learn the extent of the setup of the various welfare assess and there effectiveness. 3. To find out the facilities offer by the NHCL which are pointed out in industries act. 4. To give suggestions and recommendations on the basis of locating with a view of improve welfare facilities and working environment. five. To research various welfare activities give by the management to personnel. 6. To study the workers attitude towards the wellbeing facilities present by the administration.


Right now day's supervision didn't take so much treatment in the well being of their employees. Employees are not so much content with their present salaries and perhaps they are not rendering with required benefits or necessary facilities in the firm. The researcher hopes that project gives the attention with the company specialists to the work problems. 1 ) It purpose is to enhance the working current condition of the employees 2 . To increase the morale in the employee.

3. To increase the efficiency, skill and understanding of worker. 4. It aim is partly civic as it develop a perception of responsibility and dignity among the personnel.


This study is based on both primary data and secondary data. Research is approach in methodically solve the condition. it may be below stood like a science of study how research is done scientifically. Your research design is definitely the basic framework work. This provides guidelines for the remainder of the research procedure. The research design and style specified the strategy for info collection and data evaluation. In this research primary data are collected with help of structured questionnaire. Secondary info are therefore collected by someone same propose and are also available for the current study.

The collected info were advised, tabulated or summarized with help of different statistical tools like dining tables or a chart was used for the pictorial.



Principal data was collected using questionnaire and survey. The survey simply by 50 workers the details happen to be collected via greenvally elegant aqua mineral deposits processing company limited.


Secondary data are therefore which not really primary data. Data which can be already constructed are called secondary data. Hence data might be available inside the firm or organization. Second for this society was accumulated from different relevance printed sources. From this study the secondary info collected from the records are reports with the company.


A research design is a arrangement of conditions intended for collections and analysis of information in a manner that aims to combine in procedure. You will find 3 types of research design....

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